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We hope you found the Nigeria Tax Calculator useful, this site is now for historical reference and the latest version of the Nigeria Tax Calculator for 2023 is available here.

Nigeria Income Tax Calculators 2017/18

Select a specific Income Tax Calculator to calculate your salary deductions based on your income period.

Each Income Tax Calculator has the same features and advanced tax calculations and outputs, the calculations are simply based on different income and expense payment periods. Each salary calculator will automatically convert your inputted income to an annual amount and calculate your annual tax and payroll deductions based on your annual income.

  1. Annual Salary Income Tax Calculator:
  2. Monthly Income Tax Calculator:
  3. Four Week payroll Income Tax Calculator:
  4. Fortnightly Income Tax Calculator:
  5. Weekly Income Tax Calculator:
  6. Daily Income Tax Calculator:
  7. Hourly Rate Income Tax Calculator: